Cynthia, your wedding planner in Antibes

I am Cynthia, your wedding planner! Passionate about traveling and rich in my experiences,

I show great creativity and spiritual openness to offer you a marriage of character!


French of Lebanese origin, I was born in Cameroon where I spent 22 years. I had the chance to live in different countries of the world (Cameroon, Cambodia, Portugal, Thailand, and France). A mix of inspiration and cultures that nourishes my imagination and my creativity and pushes me to constantly surpass myself.



Wedding planner, from Asia to Antibes (PACA)

After 2 years as a wedding planner in Cambodia (imagine a wedding in one of the temples of Angkor, the dream!), I wanted to start my activity in France. Naturally I opted for Antibes in Provence “Alpes Cote d'Azur”, a region where I spent all my summer holidays since my first step.


Graduate of the International Wedding Institute of Paris in 2013, I quickly understood that this job would be for me a passion! Being a wedding planner allows me to be what I really am, to contribute to your happiness and success of your wedding, the most beautiful day of your life! I work in the shadows so that you can remain in the spotlight...


The dance at the service of your wedding

For me, a wedding must be surprising, dynamic and generate laughter as much as smiles! My wedding planner benefits are based on my personality, both multicultural and extrovert, as well as one of my passions: dancing.


Instructor of Zumba Fitness, initiated to all types of dance since my 6 years (rock'n'roll, modern jazz, African dance, hip hop, Latin dances, classical dance ...) and adept at all physical activity and sports, I can create your own choreography for the opening of the wedding dance. The objective: that this moment arouses the emotion of your guests that stays for a long time in their memories!

Chaque mariage est unique...

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