How's it going ?

It's up to me to adapt to you and your preferences, and not the other way around! To better understand the world of my future bride and groom, I like to meet them at home in their environment, but we can also meet at the Antibes agency. #Nice to meet you

After our first meeting, I will send you a personalized quote valid for a few days so that you can mature your reflection: am I THE wedding planner you want to have at your side? Are we going to fall in love? #love at first sight

Of course, I will be with you during this period


to clarify certain points or answer your questions. #of course

If I have the honor to be your wedding planner, we will sign a service contract and I will give you my general conditions of sale at the same time. So you are protected, Zest Passion too.

Chaque mariage est unique...

Quel sera le vôtre ?

Racontez-moi votre projet